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Contact us for training LASCAD all over the world

For purchasing LASCAD, you can contact us from Asian countries such as below:

Arabic countries, Pakistan, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Armenia, Russia(Asian), Israel, Uzbekistan, etc.





For countries such as Japan, South Korea, Turkey and China please let me know to introduce you to the best distributors.


A description of this software can be demonstrated as follows:

LASCAD is a simulation, optimization and educational software in order to design, analyze and manufacture of diode and flash lamp pumped solid state lasers. It analyzes the structural and thermal effects of laser material as well as resonator structure containing crystal, lenses, mirrors and dielectric surfaces using the instruction of Gaussian beam propagation. In addition, we can observe the effects of ray tracing in active medium, transverse modes and also resonator stability of lasers in this software. Energy, output power and pulse width of the laser in Q-Switching and CW conditions are extractable and beam profile will be obtained easily.


The application of this powerful software is at the universities for teaching laser physics to students, industries, research institutes and laboratories associated with laser physics science.



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